Pet Machine HM410 Replacement Filter with Pre-Filter

By: Austin Air

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Manufacturer Part # FR410B Our Item # IA3173

Austin Air Pet Machine HM-410. Or upgrade your existing standard size Austin Air unit to a Pet Machine unit by installing this Pet Machine filter (not compatible with Junior size units, or units manufactured prior to August 1995).

Includes PermaFilt Prefilter in White or Black. The white pre-filter option is recommended if you own a Sandstone, Silver or White colored unit, and the black pre-filter is recommended if you own a Black or Midnight Blue unit.

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  • Dimensions: 13.5" Diameter x 14" H
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Part: FR-410 (FR410)

Genuine OEM Austin Air Filter
Genuine OEM Austin Air Brand Replacement Filter

NOTE: This filter is manufactured by Austin Air, and is the highest quality, longest lasting filter available for your Austin Air Purifier. Be wary of lower-quality generic knock-off filters.

4-Stage Filter Configuration:

PermaFilt pre-filter is Stage 1, then main filter combines three additional stages of filtration:

  • STAGE 1: Large Particle PermaFilt Pre-Filter (wraps around main filter)
    Cleanable re-usable prefilter traps large particles easily seen by the naked eye (dust, hair, lint, pet dander, etc) while prolonging the life of the main filter. Easy to maintain - simply vacuum clean monthly from the outside of the unit. 
  • STAGE 2: Medium Particle Pre-Filter
    Removes additional small to medium sized particles (mold spores, pollen).
  • STAGE 3: 15 lbs Proprietary Carbon / Zeolite Blend
    Activated granular carbon/zeolite blend is specifically designed to target odors caused by pets.
  • STAGE 4: 60 sq ft Certified True HEPA filter media
    This final filtration stage contains 60 sq ft of medical-grade True HEPA pleated filter material. Traps up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through the filter.