ULTRATREAT Vaporizer/Ultrasonic Humidifier Water Treatment - 32 oz

By: BestAir

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Manufacturer Part # 3US Our Item # IA3559

Ultra-TREAT Vaporizer/Ultrasonic Humidifier Water Conditioner is for use in all vaporizers and ultrasonic humidifiers and is specially formulated to prevent lime and scale buildup, and help reduce white dust. This is especially important if you have hard water (water with high mineral content). Ultra-TREAT Water and Scale Treatment will also prolong the life of your vaporizer or ultrasonic humidifier by keeping the transducer and heat rods clean. This is the only water treatment designed for use in vaporizers or ultrasonic humidifiers.

Vaporizers and Ultrasonic humidifiers "spray" a fine mist of water into the air. This mist carries minerals present in the water, such as iron and calcium, into the air, which may leave a deposit of a "white dust" on your furniture. Vaporizer/Ultrasonic Humidifier Water Treatment will help reduce this white dust by bonding itself to the iron and calcium in the water before it is released into the air in the form of white dust. This will also help your humidifier last longer and work more efficiently.

For use in all Vaporizers and Ultrasonic humidifiers.

How to use:
Add 2 capfuls of UltraTREAT Vaporizer/Ultrasonic Humidifier Water Treatment per gallon of water, each time you fill the water tank in your humidifier. Rinse tank thoroughly before refilling with water.


  • Prevents lime and scale buildup in the humidifier
  • Keeps transducer and heat rods clean
  • Prolongs the life of the humidifier
  • Helps reduce white dust
  • The only treatment designed for vaporizers and ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Made in the USA
  • 32 FL OZ (1 QT), 0.946 L
  • BestAir Part #3US