Stadler Form Demineralization Cartridge

By: Stadler Form


Manufacturer Part # A-112 Our Item # IA3615

For use with Stadler Form Ultrasonic humidifier models:

  • Anton (A-001A, A-002A, A-005A, A-006A, A-007A, A-008A)
  • Aquila (EMS-164)
  • Hera (EMS-300, EMS-301)
  • Hydra (EMS-171)
  • William (BL-006A)

Contains one demineralization cartridge.

  • The ion exchanger in the cartridge removes calcification and minerals in the water to help reduce "white dust".
  • Demineralization cartridge is ionic silver treated to inhibit microbial growth and bacteria.
  • Model # A-112
Replace at least every 2 months, depending on water quality
This Stadler Form by Swizz Style demineralization cartridge A112 helps reduce white dust, which is a deposit of minerals left behind from the water in your humidifier. The cartridge should be replaced every 2 months, however the cartridge may need to be replaced more often depending on water hardness and how often the unit is used. An indication of when the cartridge needs to be changed can be white dust around the humidifier, or reduced amount of mist output. If white residue still forms around the humidifier after a new cartridge has been inserted, please make sure that the water you are using is untreated (do not use with water softeners or ion exchangers).