IQAir VMF Wall Mount Attachment

By: IQAir

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Manufacturer Part # 210-30-10-00 Our Item # IA2603

The VMF allows you to mount an IQAir air purifier system on virtually any structurally sound vertical surface. The VMF is compatible with all IQAir air purifier models and is designed to compliment the elegant IQAir look.

Features and Benefits:
The vertical mounting of an IQAir unit may be desirable in areas where floor space is scarce or the unit would present an obstacle on the floor. The vertical mount may also improve the air cleaning performance for air pollutants with a rising flow pattern, such as tobacco smoke. If directly mounted above an air pollution source, the IQAir air purifier helps to capture rising dust, fumes or vapors.

Prevent tampering with IQAir systems in hospitals, schools, kindergartens and restaurants. Improve tobacco smoke filtration in bars and restaurants. Filter solvents over a workbench

Servicing & Maintenance:
The VMF kit allows all filters to be replaced while the IQAir filtration device remains wall mounted. The removable bottom grille allows easy filter replacement even when the PF40 coarse dust pre-filter accessory is used.

The VMF kit includes six universal wall plugs and screws suitable for concrete, brick or drywall. Two wing nuts ensure that the air purifier unit remains safely fixed in the wall mount. The power cord is connectable to the air cleaning unit on either side of the vertical mount. The remote control, which is supplied with each IQAir filtration unit, ensures convenient operability even when the control panel is out of reach.

IQAir Compatibility:
Compatible with all IQAir air purifiers. Not compatible with the following IQAir accessories: FlexVac, InFlowW125, VM FlexVac, VM InFlow and Mobility 56.