IQAir VM FlexVac Kit

By: IQAir

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Manufacturer Part # 210-30-10-10 Our Item # IA2604

The VM Flex-Vac converts any IQAir air purifier device into a wall-mounted, self-contained extraction system that allows it to capture fumes, dust and vapors at the source.

Features and Application:
The VM FlexVac consists of a vertical mount fixture combined with a flexible extraction duct system. The suction duct of the VM FlexVac may be bent, twisted and turned into virtually any position and will remain in place until repositioned. It is made from shatterproof, chemically resistant polypropylene. Its large 5° diameter ensures low pressure drop and exceptionally high suction volume. At a typical air flow rate of 150 cfm the air velocity within the duct is approx. 12 mph or 17 ft/s. The remote control, which is supplied with each IQAir filtration device, ensures convenient operability even when the control panel is out of reach.

Servicing & Maintenance:
The VM FlexVac is designed so that all filters remain fully serviceable while the IQAir filtration device remains wall mounted. A locking mechanism ensures that the air cleaner is safely secured within the wall mount.

The VM FlexVac kit is supplied with six universal wall plugs and screws suitable for concrete, brick and drywall. Please ensure that your wall is structurally sound enough to support the weight of your IQAir system.

IQAir Compatibility:
Compatible with all IQAir air purifier devices, except the GCX Series. Not compatible with the following IQAir accessories: PF40, FlexVac, InFlow W125 and Mobility 56.