IQAir Cleanroom H13 - New Edition

By: IQAir

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Manufacturer Part # 1EB-UD0-KGU Our Item # IA2606

The IQAir Cleanroom series is a line of advanced air cleaning devices designed for particulate filtration. The goal of the series is to balance the requirements of high air delivery with that of high filtration efficiency. While a hospital may prefer higher air delivery over higher efficiency to achieve optimum contaminant control, a cleanroom mini-environment may require a filtration efficiency of 99.997% to meet production specifications.

The IQAir Cleanroom H13 is recommended for filtration of microorganisms and other particles. Specially designed for infection control units, TB isolation rooms, critical particle control, use in cleanrooms up to Class 100.



  • Microbiological control in hospitals
  • Clean production areas
  • Clean research areas
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
HEPA Filter:
Replace every 1-2 years
Replace every 6-18 months

Professional Control Airborne Particulates:
The IQAir Cleanroom Series has been designed specifically for the removal of airborne particles. The systems feature the highest air delivery and longest filter life of any IQAir particle filter system. To allow for maximum air delivery the systems contain no gas phase filtration.

The Cleanroom Series provides a choice of 2 models, each with a specific filter efficiency and air delivery profile. While healthcare facilities may require higher air delivery to achieve optimum control of microorganisms (e.g. in ICUs or TB isolation rooms), a cleanroom facility may need a filtration efficiency of 99.97% to meet strict manufacturing regulations or standards.

Positive and Negative Pressure Environments:
Each IQAir Cleanroom system can be used as a recirculation device or it can be combined with IQAir's ducting adapters InFlow W125 or OutFlow W125 to create positive and negative pressure environments. The creation of negative pressure helps to contain harmful particles, such as microorganisms, in a particular area (e.g. TB isolation).

The creation of positive pressure helps to protect clean areas from contaminants entering from adjacent rooms (e.g. protective isolation of immuno-compromised patients, controlled environments for medical device manufacturing).

Decentralised Airborne Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities:
Airborne pathogens in health-care environments pose a particular risk to immunocompromised patients who may inhale fungal spores, bacteria and viruses. Airborne microorganisms can not only complicate recovery from surgery, but can also lead to life-threatening infections,costing health-care services hundreds of millions every year.

Hospital-acquired aspergillosis for example has been recognised increasingly as a cause of severe illness and high mortality in immunocompromised individuals, e.g. patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or organ or bone marrow transplants. In the light of the marked increase in nosocomial infections over recent years, many of which are caused by drug-resistant pathogens, the importance of using high-efficiency air filtration systems beyond the confines of so-called "critical areas" (such as operation theatres) has once again been emphasised. Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advise that, wherever possible, preventive infection control measures should be implemented to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections.


  • Fan Speeds: 5
  • Maximum Coverage Area: 1200 sq ft.
  • System efficiency for particles: 99.99% or more at 0.3 microns; 99.7% for smaller particles
  • Dimensions: 15" W x 32" H x 16" D
  • Net Weight (including filters): 33 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year on unit including fan motor, excluding filters.
  • Color: Light Grey Body / Green Arms
  • All systems come complete with filters, remote control, batteries (for remote control), owners manual, 10 foot power cord, and certificate of guaranteed performance.