Humidifier Filter H55 for Holmes 2 PACK (HWF-55)

By: BestAir


Manufacturer Part # H55-C Our Item # IA2636

Fits Models:
Holmes Humidifiers: HM-250, HM-405, HM-406, HM-650, HM-725, HM-726, HM-730, HM-1000, HM-1025, HM-1050, HM-2000 (HWF-55), HM-1550, HM-1555 (HWF-45)

Vornado / Robitussin Humidifiers: 221, 232, 421, 432, 3120-900, HU1-0006-11, HU1-0007-11, HU1-0015, HU1-0021 (MD1-0001, MD1-0002), 

Gerry: 650
Touch Point Humidifier: KS-55EE-06AGerry: 650
Super Humidifier: RW-3 (43-5014-6 & 43-5024-2)
White Westinghouse Humidifier: WWHM7250 (WWH72)


  • Chlora-Clear® Plus C - The only humidifier filter that removes chlorine from your humidifier water before it is evaporated into the air.
  • Patented Extended Life filter is reinforced with aluminum for longer life and better efficiency.
  • Micro-Free antimicrobial treatment helps protect wick filter from the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria.
  • Perfect Blue™ humidifier filter traps water impurities.
  • Two pack. Contains 2 filters.
  • Dimensions (per filter): 9" L x 7" W x 1-1/2" D
  • Made in the USA

Recommended replacement is every 1-2 months