Humidifier Demineralization Treatment Capsule HCC31

By: BestAir


Manufacturer Part # HCC31 Our Item # IA3851

The BestAir Humidifier Demineralization Treatment Capsule # HCC-31 works in all types of humidifiers, and helps keep your filters lasting longer and your humidifier cleaner. Simply drop in the water tank or base for cleaner water! The capsule is compatible with any type of humidifier and cleans your unit for up to 45 days. It prolongs the life of your wick filter by reducing the buildup of hard mineral deposits and its antimicrobial treatment prevents odor causing bacteria growth on the capsule.


  • Reduces hard water mineral buildup in tank, base and filters
  • Extends wick filter life
  • Antimicrobial treated to prevent growth of odor causing bacteria and mold on the capsule
  • For use in all types of humidifiers including cool mist, warm mist, ultrasonic, and vaporizers. For dual-tank units, or if the capsule does not fit inside water tank, simply place it into the base reservoir of the humidifier.

Contains: One (1) Humidifier Demineralization Treatment Capsule

Replace once every 45 days (or after 30 days for water tanks larger than 2.0 gallons)


  • Before first use, clean humidifier per manufacturer's recommendations or clean with HUMIDICLEAN Humidifier Cleaner & Descaler.
  • Insert capsule in tank (preferably) or base, after filled with water. One capsule per tank. Refill water when needed, leaving the capsule in the tank or base.
  • Replace capsule every 45 days (for water tanks that are 2.0 gallons or smaller). Replace capsule every 30 days (for water tanks that are 2.1 gallons to 5.0 gallons).
  • Discard the used capsule in the garbage as you would normal trash. The contents of the capsule do not dissolve or disappear while using.