HUMIDICLEAN Humidifier Cleaner & Descaler - 32 oz

By: BestAir

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Manufacturer Part # 1C Our Item # IA3557

Humidi-CLEAN Humidifier Cleaner & Descaler


HumidiClean is a cleaning agent that can prepare your humidifier for efficient operation by removing lime scale buildup and sludge deposits.

For use with all humidifiers, including Evaporative, Ultrasonic, Vaporizers, and Furnace humidifiers.

How to use:
Disconnect power from humidifier and drain water tank or reservoir. Use plastic brush to apply Humidi-Clean to humidifier surfaces with scale and mineral buildup. When scale buildup and mineral deposits have been dissolved, rinse thoroughly with water. To clean plastic/metal humidifier water pads or permanent wick filters, use equal parts Humidi-Clean and water in a plastic bucket. Soak pad or filter in solution until lime scale is dissolved. Rinse thoroughly with water. Not for cleaning paper filters.


  • Cleans all humidifier parts
  • Prolongs the life of the humidifier
  • Dissolves Calcium, Lime, and Rust
  • Prepares the humidifier for efficient operation
  • Extra Strength Formula
  • Made in the USA
  • 32 FL OZ (1 QT), 0.946 L
  • BestAir Part #1C