Genuine Essick Air 1043 Wick Filter with FRAME

By: Essick Air

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Manufacturer Part # 4V3398020GRY Our Item # IA3019

Fits Models
Essick Air, AIRCARE, and Bemis Space-Saver Humidifiers: 821-000, 821-001, 826-000, 826-600, 826-800, 826-900, 831-000, SS390DWHT, 8266, 8268, 8269.

Genuine OEM Essick Air Filter
Genuine OEM Essick Air / Aircare / Bemis Replacement Filter

NOTE: This is the original OEM Essick Air brand replacement filter made by the manufacturer of your Essick Air, Aircare, or Bemis brand humidifier.

1043 Super Wick Features:

  • Provides clean, natural evaporative humidification
  • Eliminates messy white dust
  • Highest available moisture output
  • SuperWick TrapMax technology traps and retains mineral deposits
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Wick with reusable frame comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Model: 4V3398020GRY

Contains 1 evaporative humidifier wick with reusable black plastic frame
Recommended wick replacement is every 1-2 months, or at least once per season.

NOTE: Order this 1043 Wick with Frame if you have lost or damaged your original frame, as the black plastic frame is reusable. You can also order only the Essick Wick 1043 separately if you do not need the frame.