Enviracaire EUV-13B UV Germicidal Bulb

By: Enviracaire

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Manufacturer Part # EUV-13B Our Item # IA2534

3.5 W germicidal ultraviolet GTL3 bulb model EUV-13B

For Humidifier Models:
Slant/Fin Humidifiers: GF-100, GFH-150, GF-200, GF-210, GF-210W, GF-211D, GF-220, GF-240, GF-300W and GF-350
Enviracaire Humidifiers: BWM-211D, EWM-211D, EWM-220, EWM-300W, and EWM-350
Honeywell Humidifier: HWM-500
Vicks Humidifier: V-790

Quantity: 1 bulb
Hours: This 3.5W Germicidal UV light bulb is rated to last up to 2,000 hours of continuous use, however each bulb's actual lifetime will vary depending on usage.

3.5 watt Germicidal Ultraviolet Replacement Bulb for Enviracaire and Slant/Fin Germ-Free Humidifiers.

What is Germicidal Technology?
Ultraviolet light is a germicidal process employed by hospital laboratories to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Only Slant/Fin's patented Germ-Free Humidifiers utilize the dual-germicidal process of ultraviolet light and vaporization, so you're assured of the cleanest, healthiest, safest release of mist.

How does the germicidal power of ultraviolet light work?
Ultraviolet (UV) light is an effective method of instantaneously killing germs. When water is exposed to UV light, bacterial contamination and bacterial growth are virtually eliminated before the vaporization (boiling) process even begins. So the mist released into the air you breathe is 99.999% free of bacteria and molds that can aggravate symptoms of colds, allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Note: Every Slant/Fin replacement UV bulb is manufactured with a small metal ball that is loose inside.