Genuine Honeywell HC888 Humidifier Wick Filter (Filter C)

By: Honeywell

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Manufacturer Part # HC888PF1 Our Item # IA2791

The Genuine Honeywell HC888 (Filter C) is temporarily unavailable. A lower-priced alternative product can be found under related products at the bottom of the page.

Genuine Honeywell HC-888 Series Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter (replaces HC888V1, HC888V2, HC888N, AC888). Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support.

Fits small table-top models only. Does not fit humidifiers that have two tanks.
We strongly recommend checking your model number before ordering to make sure this filter will fit your humidifier.

Fits Models
Duracraft Humidifiers: DCM-200, DH-888, DH-890, DH-890C, DCM-891B, DCM-891S
Honeywell Humidifiers: HCM-890, HCM-890B, HCM-890C, HCM-890-20, HCM-890-MTG, HEV-320B, HEV-320W
Walgreens: 890-WGN (W889-WGN)

Genuine OEM Honeywell Filter
Genuine Honeywell Replacement Filter

  • *NEW* Blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles and provides additional structural support.
  • Optimized Filter Design - maximizes moisture output.
  • Removes minerals and pollutants from water and helps keep your humidifier clean.
  • ProTec AntiMicrobial Treatment helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae, and bacteria on filter.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 6" Dia x 6" H
  • Honeywell Filter "C".

Recommended Replacement Once Every 1 to 2 Months:
Filter discoloration is natural and will vary depending on water. Replace filter about every 1-2 months (depending on use and local water quality), or when performance starts to deteriorate. If you see that the filter has a heavy build-up of impurities or notice the presence of persistent odors associated with poor water quality, change the filter more frequently.

Humidifier Wick Filter Tip:
Extend the life of your humidifier wick filter with the ProTec Humidifier Cleaning Cartridge. Simply drop in the water tank for a fresh, clean mist and continuous protection against slimy build-up in your humidifier. Works in all cool wick-based humidifiers to prevent the growth of bacteria and extend filter life.