Boneco U700 Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Manufacturer Part # U700 Our Item # IA4344

The Boneco Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier U700 is a unique high quality ultrasonic humidifier loaded with innovative features, including a self-cleaning mode and automatic display dimmer. Unlike other ultrasonic humidifiers, the Boneco AIROSWISS U700 uses a high quality titanium transducer surface, which uses adjustable high-frequency vibrations to turn water into a micro-fine mist, which is blown into the room to evaporate. The titanium transducer surface is much stronger than ordinary metals, resists rust, lasts longer and requires less cleaning.

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Special Health and Hygiene Features:

  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss Hydro Cell (included - replace every 1-2 months) is an optional accessory that provides fresh humidification performance. Activated as soon as it comes into contact with water, the Hydro Cell with activated carbon technology helps reduce heavy metals, impurities, odor causing chemicals and pesticides from your household tap water.
  • Powerful and replaceable demineralization cartridge (included - replace every 2-3 months) helps reduce or eliminate white dust.
  • When operated with the separately controlled pre-heating function, the water is first heated to 176° F to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The mist then exits at a pleasant and comfortable body temperature of 95° F.
  • Ultrasonic system, with its high frequency vibrations, also destroys bacteria and viruses.

Unique Features of the U700:

  • Highest moisture output (up to 4 gallons per day) of any ultrasonic humidifier for the largest room coverage with near-silent operation.
  • Innovative self-cleaning mode (use with EZ Cal Descaler and Cleaner, free sample packet included).
  • Automatic light-sensing display dimmer for night-time use.
  • Water change reminder - reminds you to change out old water with new fresh water.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • State of the art soft touch digital controls with large digital display.
  • Built-in digitally controlled humidistat allows for automatically controlled and accurate moisture level.
  • Humidity can be set between 30% and 70% in 5% increments or continuous, always-on setting.
  • Intelligent Temperature Compensation feature can be set to automatically regulate the mist output to create the most comfortable relative humidity, adjusted to the temperature in the room.
  • Auto mode automatically maintains the ideal air humidity relative to the room temperature.
  • Adjustable rotating dual mist outlets for multi-directional mist, allows you to direct the mist to where you need it the most
  • Ultra quiet operation on all three mist output settings.
  • Timer function can be set to automatically shut off or turn on unit after 1-9 hours.
  • Removable transparent large water tank with large opening for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Dual-handles and flat water tank design for easy carrying and filling.
  • Auto shut-off when desired humidity level is reached, water tank is empty, or water tank is removed.
  • Indicator light shows when water tank is empty.
  • Indicator light shows when cleaning is recommended.
  • Relaxing ambient LED night light with separate on/off control.
  • Optional fragrance container allows you to add your favorite fragrance or essential oils.
  • Cleaning brush included.
  • Energy efficient (45W for cool mist, 180W for warm mist, 0.9W on standby mode)
  • Longer lifetime due to industrial strength titanium transducer surface.
  • 3-year limited warranty.


  • Type: Warm or cool mist ultrasonic
  • Output: 4.0 gallons
  • Room Size: 1000 sq ft
  • Tank Capacity: 2.1 Gallons
  • Speeds: 3 mist output levels
  • Decibels: < 25 dB(A)
  • Energy Consumption: 45W cool mist / 180W when operated with warm mist option / 0.9W on standby mode
  • Power: 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 12.79" W x 7.48" D x 14.17" H
  • Weight: 10.14 lbs

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Manufacturer's Literature [PDF]:

Boneco AIR-O-SWISS U700 Product Manual