Boneco AIR-O-SWISS Demineralization Cartridge

By: Boneco AIR-O-SWISS

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Manufacturer Part # 7531 Our Item # IA3331

The Boneco AIR-O-SWISS demineralization cartridge A7531 helps reduce white dust, which is a deposit of minerals left behind from the water in your humidifier.

Fits Models
Boneco AIR-O-SWISS Humidifiers: 7131 (AOS 7131), 7133 (AOS 7133), 7135 (AOS 7135), 7142 (AOS U7142), 7144 (AOS 7144), 7145 (AOS 7145), 7147 (AOS 7147), U200 (AOS U200), U600 (AOS U600), U650 (AOS U650), U700 (AOS U700).

Contains one demineralization cartridge.

Replace every 2-3 months
The cartridge should be replaced every 2-3 months, however the cartridge may need to be replaced more often depending on water hardness and how often the unit is used. An indication of when the cartridge needs to be changed can be white dust around the humidifier, or reduced amount of mist output. If white residue still forms around the humidifier after a new cartridge has been inserted, please make sure that the water you are using is untreated (do not use with water softeners or ion exchangers).

Unscrew the used demineralization cartridge from the inside of the water tank cap. Do not dispose of the water tank cap. Dispose of the used cartridge, and screw the new cartridge on the water tank cap. Soak the new cartridge in the water tank for approximately 24 hours before use, as the contents of the cartridge need to absorb water so they may fully expand and effectively remove minerals from the water.