Boneco AOS-A451 Anti-Mineral Pads 6 PACK

By: Boneco AIR-O-SWISS


Manufacturer Part # A451 Our Item # IA4083

Boneco AIROSWISS Anti-Mineral Pads AOSA451

Fits Models
Boneco AIR-O-SWISS Warm Mist Steam Humidifiers: S-200, S-250, S-450
Honeywell Humidifiers: HWM-330, HWM-331, HWM-335, HWM-450 (HMP-12P)

Contains 6 anti-mineral absorption pads. Recommended replacement once every 2-4 weeks.

  • Helps to reduce mineral buildup.
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Improves performance.
  • Dimensions: 3" Dia x 1/4" H
  • AOS A-451

Replace approximately every 2-4 weeks
The useful life of the mineral absorption pad will vary, depending on the mineral content of the water used. In areas of moderate mineral content water supply, the mineral absorption pad should be changed after approximately 4 weeks of continuous use. If the water is "Hard Water", the pad should be changed more frequently. The best way to tell when the pad should be changed is to examine it AFTER the water has cooled down, to see if it is still soft and pliable. When the pad is near the end of its life, it becomes stiff and hard and should be replaced with a new pad.

Mineral Absorption Pad Instructions:
Warm mist humidifiers do not spread fine mineral dust into the air that you breathe nor on your furniture, the way that other type humidifiers do. The mineral dust remains trapped in the humidifier hot water reservoir. Use of Anti-Mineral Pads will play a major role in capturing and removing minerals from hot water reservoir, and preventing a stubborn mineral buildup.