Blueair SmokeStop Filter for 500/600 Series 3pk

By: Blueair


Manufacturer Part # 501SS Our Item # IA2629

This SmokeStop Filter kit upgrades your Blueair 500/600 Series Air Purifier to include both the high-efficiency particle filtration of the standard particle filter, PLUS gas and odor control for added protection from smoke and other airborne gases, chemicals, and odors.

Includes 3 enhanced HEPASilent filters of polypropylene (traps particles), with activated carbon for gas, odor, and smoke removal, enough for one complete filter change.

Fits Models:
Blueair HEPASilent 500/600 Series Air Purifiers: 501, 503, 550E, 601, 603, 650E.

Replace every 6 months
Easy Maintenance: When the filters need to be replaced (twice yearly), just open the side, slide out the old filters and drop the new ones in. No screws, hooks or tools and less than one minute of your time are required.

Blueair Authorized Dealer

The Blueair SmokeStop Filter is a progressive carbon filter with a honeycomb-type structure that improves airflow and has hundreds of odor and gas absorbing carbon pellets. The filter contains 2.0 lbs of coconut shell activated carbon impregnated with a 70/30 blend of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) and Potassium Iodide (KI). The carbon eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are responsible for odors and often found in household paints and cleaning products. The Blueair GO SmokeStop Filter is recommended for use in rooms where heavy gaseous pollutants such as cigarette and cigar smoke or other VOC's are present.