Austin Air Junior Pre-Filter Replacement

By: Austin Air

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Manufacturer Part # F200B Our Item # IA3030

Genuine OEM Austin Air Filter
Genuine OEM Austin Air Brand Replacement Filter

NOTE: This filter is manufactured by Austin Air, and is the highest quality, longest lasting filter available for your Austin Air Purifier. Be wary of lower-quality generic knock-off filters.

Austin Air Junior Size Air Purifiers

Healthmate Junior HM200, HealthMate Plus Junior, Allergy Machine Junior, and Baby's Breath.

Pre-filter is available in white or black. The white pre-filter is recommended if you own a Sandstone, Silver, White, or Baby's Breath unit, and the black pre-filter is recommended if you own a Black or Midnight Blue unit.

The Austin Air PERMAFILT Pre-Filter is designed to last for years. Once installed, the Pre-Filter can be easily maintained by occasional vacuuming from outside the perforated steel housing of the Austin Air unit. This procedure keeps the Permafilt Pre-Filter clean. It also increases the life expectancy up to 2 or 3 years, eliminating costly quarterly filter changes. Periodically vacuuming the outside of the machine clears away large visible dust which properly maintains the effectiveness of the filter.