Airpura F600DLX Air Purifier - Maximum Formaldehyde Removal

By: Airpura

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Manufacturer Part # F600DLX-WHITE Our Item # IA4154

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The Airpura F600DLX forgoes the True HEPA Filter entirely, for a total focus on maximum formaldehyde removal featuring an extra-large 26 lbs 3" deep potassium permanganate carbon filter that is specially formulated to remove formaldehyde.

The Airpura F600DLX Advanced Filter System

The Airpura F600DLX features 3 filters which allow for maximum formaldehyde removal:

    1. Pre-filter:
      Outer pre-filter traps large particles you can easily see such as dust, hair, lint, and pet dander. The pre-filter can be easily vacuumed clean from the outside of the unit, and prolongs the life of the main filter. Replace once per year.

    2. 26 lbs, 3" Deep Carbon Filter:
      Extra-large enhanced activated potassium permanganate carbon filter contains 26 lbs of 3" deep carbon. This heavy-duty carbon filter has been specially treated to adsorb formaldehyde. Lasts up to 2 years.

    3. HEPA-Barrier post filter:
    4. Traps carbon dust and other airborne particles after the carbon bed. Lasts up to 2 years.


  • Room Size: Up to 1,125 square feet
  • Dimensions: 23" H x 15" D
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Fan Speeds: Variable
  • Fan Rating: 560 CFM on High
  • Decibel Levels: Low - 28.1 dB, High - 62.3 dB.
  • Energy Consumption: 40 Watts on Low, 120 Watts on High.
  • Power: 115 V
  • Available in White, Black, and Cream.
  • Made in Canada

The Airpura Advantage:

  • 560 CFM air flow on highest speed allows F600DLX to clean large rooms.
  • Variable speed motor lets you choose your ideal level of filtration. No limit to the number of fan speeds to select from.
  • Solid steel construction with your choice of three powder-coated paint colors is built to last without any plastic off-gassing.
  • Pressure seal: Airpura's unique pressure seal on the filter chamber ensures that all of the air passes through the filters. 
  • Motor out of the air flow: Most air purifiers blow the clean air over the motor, thereby picking up fresh impurities. Airpura's motor is designed to sit outside of the air flow.
  • Separate electrical parts chamber prevents and off-gassing from capacitors, condensers or switches.
  • Unimpeded air flow: Simple and direct internal airflow avoids the air turbulence, inefficiency and noise associated with more convoluted systems.
  • Backward curved motorized impeller reduces vibrations and noise.
  • Felt gaskets seal the filter chamber, maximizing filtration with no rubber off-gassing found with other filter gaskets.
  • Perforated steel exterior offers both a softer appearance and a full 360 degree air intake and distribution.
  • Easy-Roll Casters - Large built-in wheels allow you to quickly and easily roll your air purifier from room to room for clean air throughout your home.
  • Warranty: 5 years parts, 10 years labor.

Manufacturer's Literature [PDF]:

Airpura F600DLX Owner's Manual
Airpura F600DLX Specifications Brochure