The IQAir HealthPro Plus is our best-selling air purifier and has won more #1 product awards than any other air purifier. We have collected here the most frequently asked questions we get about this top rated air purifier. If you have any more questions that have not been answered here, please contact us and we'll be glad to help!







What is the New Edition?

Introducing the IQAir New Edition Air Purifiers:

Now, the best air purifiers in the world have become even better. How? More clean air. Longer filter life. And, quieter than ever before. In fact, the IQAir New Edition is now the world's quietest high-performance air purifier ever made.

About the IQAir New Edition Series Air Purifiers:

About IQAir's New and Improved Filters: 




About the IQAir New Edition Series Air Purifiers:

Q. What's better about the IQAir New Edition air purifier systems?

IQAir's New Edition room air purifiers, introduced in September, 2012, have taken the best air purifiers in the world to a new level of air purifier perfection. With a powerful new fan and innovative new filter designs, the New Edition systems produce more clean air than ever before. IQAir Genuine Replacement Filters also last longer, as a result of greater particle-holding capacity designed into them. And the world's most effective air purifiers are now the quietest high-performance air purifiers, thanks to the new fan, filters and other design improvements.



Q. How can I tell the New Edition model from the older model?

The item label on the outer box and the serial label on the base of the room system have "NE" next to the model name to identify them as New Edition.



Q. How much quieter is the New Edition room system?

Despite the significantly higher airflow rates, all IQAir New Edition models are quieter than ever before due to a completely redesigned fan which moves more air at lower sound levels. The new HealthPro Plus system, for example, is 32% quieter than before (average across all 6 fan speeds).




About IQAir's New and Improved Filters:

Q. How have IQAir's filters been improved?

While the outer appearance has not changed, IQAir Pre-Filters and HyperHEPA filters have been undergoing continuous improvement since mid-2011, when IQAir switched from filters made with hot-melt separators to filters made with inert thermoplastic separators. Since then, continued improvements have reduced the weight of the separators and improved the pleating. The new pleat-spacing pattern and inert thermoplastic separators have resulted in an increase of active surface area, more even filter loading and more than a 10% reduction in total weight for the PreMax and HyperHEPA filters.

The overall filter improvements result in greater airflow and higher particle holding capacity. Bottom line? When using the improved filters in any IQAir room system, you get more clean air and spend less on filter replacement costs than before.



Q. How often should I replace my new and improved IQAir filters?

Knowing when to replace your filters in an IQAir New Edition system is as convenient as ever: the red LED light will appear on the control panel to let you know. Because of longer filter life, owners of the New Edition will replace filters less frequently, about 20% on average.

If you own a previous-edition IQAir system (not a New Edition) you can achieve similar filter-life improvements by installing the new and improved particle filters. However, instead of changing your filters as usual when a solid red light appears on the control panel, wait for the red BLINKING light to appear. This will generally account for the difference in the longer filter life of the new and improved filters and will allow you to realize the cost savings of this improvement.



Q. Do new gas and odor filters/cartridges also last longer?

IQAir New Edition room air purifier systems all have updated software programming for all filters, including the gas and odor filters (V5-Cell and MultiGas cartridges). This programming now accounts for the capacity and weight differences more accurately, which has resulted in slightly longer filter lives of these filters. For example, the V5-Cell Filters now have 100 more hours and the GC MultiGas Cartridges now have 700 more hours of filter life at speed 3.


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