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2. What’s New in the New Edition?

In September 2012, IQAir introduced improvements to their air purifiers with the New Edition, which offered new and improved filters and fan motor (the two most important components of any air purifier). The fan motor was made to be both more efficient and quieter at the same time, able to produce more clean air (up to 25% more) with lower noise levels (32% quieter on average). And the filter pleats were redesigned to increase their capacity for trapping particulates by up to 38%. This means the filters now last longer, saving you money in replacement costs.

The main HyperHEPA Filter and the PreMax Prefilter have both been improved by switching from filters made with hot-melt separators to filters made with inert thermoplastic separators. In addition, the pleating of the filter media was improved. The new pleat-spacing pattern and separators have increased the active filtration surface area, provided for more even filter loading.

Overall, the filter improvements result in greater airflow through the filters and a higher particle holding capacity. Basically, what this means is that the New Edition particle filters can filter more particles at a faster rate than ever before. This means more clean air and lower filter replacement costs, as the filters now last longer.

For more detailed information on the New Edition, please see our IQAir New Edition FAQ.


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