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10. Controls and Operation

Electronic Control Panel

Located right on the top of the unit is the electronic control panel from where you control all functions of the air purifier. You also have a clock and individual filter life indicators for each filter. When you first plug in the unit, the display will read "Standby" and a small power LED will be red. Press the power button to turn on the unit and it will start running right away.

Fan Speed

The first button is an "up" arrow which allows you to cycle through the 6 fan speeds (simply press the button to increase the fan speed from 1 to 6 and then back to 1 again). This button also lets you navigate through the various menu options. Each fan speed setting will also show you how many CFMs of airflow that speed is producing, unless you have set the programmable timer in which case the display will show you when the next timer function is set to begin.


To set the system clock, simply press the Menu button repeatedly until the clock is displayed, then press and hold the Enter key until the cursor begins flashing. Now you can press the "up" arrow key to change the hour, and press "Enter" to jump to the minute setting, and Enter again to reach the day setting. Once the clock is set, you will be able to set the programmable timer function.

Intelligent Filter Monitor

The right side of the control panel has a diagram of the unit with filter life indicator lights to always let you know the current status of each filter. When a filter has plenty of usable life remaining, the light will be a constant green. The light will turn to amber when there is approximately 20% of the filter life estimated to be left. This serves as an early heads-up that it is time to order a replacement filter. Once the filter life reaches the end of its estimated life span, the light will turn Red, and you should replace the filter at this point with a new one. If you continue to operate the unit with the filter installed, the light will eventually begin blinking red – this is an indication that the filter efficiency is starting to be reduced, and you should change the filter immediately to restore the unit to full operating efficiency. Along with the filter life indicators, there is also a visual indication of how the fan is operating by way of four spinning green LED lights – the faster the fan speed selected, the faster these lights will spin.

Control Panel Lock

You can "lock" the control panel settings to prevent any changes to your settings by holding down the Menu and Enter keys together for 3 seconds. A star will appear in the display panel indicating that the controls are now locked. To unlock the controls, just repeat the procedure. You may still use the remote control to adjust the unit’s settings even with the control panel locked.

Remaining Filter Life

Pressing the Menu key cycles through the various menu options. When you first press the Menu key you will see the Remaining Life for the PreMax prefilter displayed in hours. You can then press the Up arrow to cycle through the Remaining Life for the other two filters – V5 Cell and HyperHEPA. The display will automatically revert back to the main fan speed display mode after a few seconds of inaction.

The Filter Life Monitor calculates the estimated remaining filter life in hours for each filter by taking into account both fan speed and hours used in the past to come up with an estimate of hour many usable hours are left in each filter. The number of hours remaining will change if you change the settings such as fan speed.

Auto Timer

The auto timer can be programmed to adjust the fan speed automatically depending on the time of day or day of week (you do not need to use the auto timer – you can leave it at its default setting and just control the unit manually if you prefer). For each time period you set, you can have the fan off, or you can set your desired fan speed. You can also deactivate the timer for certain days of the week. Complete instructions for setting the timer are found in the user manual.

Filter Life Reset (NEW FILTER)

When replacing any of the filters with a new one, you can reset the internal filter life monitor by choosing the NEW FILTER menu option. This will allow you to cycle through the three filters and reset the counter for each one as needed. When you purchase a replacement filter, detailed instructions for replacing the filter and resetting this counter are included inside the box with the filter.

Remote Control

The included 10-button remote control allows you to conveniently adjust unit settings from up to 20 feet away. The infrared receiver for the remote is located just underneath the control panel, so you should aim the remote towards the control panel for best results. From the remote control you can turn the unit on and off, directly select any of the 6 fan speeds, and activate or deactivate the system timer. The remote control uses one battery type CR2025 (included).


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