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3. Inside the Box - Unboxing the HealthPro Plus New Edition

IQAir takes their packaging very seriously, which is clear as soon as you open the box. Actually, there are two boxes – a thick, heavy outer corrugated cardboard carton plus a second inner cardboard box for added protection during shipping.


Once you open the inner box, you'll be greeted by a very large piece of Styrofoam packing which holds the hand-signed Certificate of Performance, User Manual, Remote Control, 10-foot Power Cord, and set of four Casters.


Removing this protective piece of styrofoam reveals the air purifier unit fully enclosed inside a large plastic bag with an additional layer of styrofoam wrapped around the entire unit. This product is incredibly well packaged - it would be nearly impossible for it be damaged in shipping.

The casters are optional and you can use the air purifier without installing them, but we would recommend using them. The casters make it a lot easier to move the unit around, as it does weigh in at 35 lbs with the filters installed. In addition to providing convenient mobility, the casters also serve to raise the bottom of the unit up by about 2-1/4 inches. This helps improve the airflow through the unit. The casters consist of 4 black plastic wheels and 2 grey plastic mounting rails. Just turn the unit upside down, snap in the 2 mounting rails on either side of the bottom of the unit, and then just snap the wheels into the four corners, and you're all set.

In addition to the housing, here is what is included in the box:


Remote Control (battery included)

A slim credit-card sized IQAir Remote Control makes it easy to control the unit remotely. You can set the fan speed and even timer controls without getting out of your seat. When it's not in use the remote control fits handily in the recesses on the top of the system, so you can easily find it when you need it. While we don't often find remote controls that necessary with our air purifiers, it's still a nice accessory to have.


10-foot Power Cord

Heavy-duty 10 foot long IQAir power cord easily reaches where you need it. Features a two-pronged grounded safety plug.


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