1. Introduction | 2. What’s New in the New Edition? | 3. Inside the Box | 4. Certificate of Performance
5. Ultrafine Particles | 6. How Does it Work? | 7. Key Features | 8. Specifications | 9. Housing Design
10. Controls and Operation | 11. Inside the Unit | 12. Performance | 13. Noise Level | 14. Comparisons
15. Conclusion - Pros and Cons



6. How does the IQAir HealthPro Plus work?

  1. Room air is drawn into the unit from two arched openings at the base.


  2. The air is drawn in through a pleated PreMax pre-filter that removes most coarse and fine dust particles.


  3. Sandwiched between the filters in the center of the unit for maximum noise dampening, a powerful centrifugal fan generates the airflow.


  4. The air is then pushed up through the V5-Cell filter, which contains two stages of filtration for removal of a wide spectrum of gases and odors.


  5. The air then travels through the top-most filter, a premium tightly pleated high efficiency particulate air HyperHEPA filter to remove even the smallest of microscopic and ultrafine particles from the air.


  6. Low turbulence, low velocity air is returned to the room through the Evenflow diffuser, which prevents air drafts and air buffeting noises.




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