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9. Body/Housing Design


The housing of the air purifier is made of a non-offgassing impact-resistant and UV-stabilized high quality ABS plastic. This is not cheap plastic, either – it is a heavy plastic that is designed so that it cannot easily break or crack. Many other brands of air purifiers use steel for the housing, which can be nice, but a drawback to a steel housing is that it makes the unit unnecessarily heavy, plus the steel housing can easily dent during shipping or just during regular use if it gets bumped, for example while vacuuming the room. This ABS plastic housing is lightweight yet very strong, and is virtually indestructible.


The outer housing is a neutral light grey (off-white) color which should blend easily into most room decors. We wish the HealthPro Plus would be available in a variety of colors, although certainly this is not a major issue. The off-white color very easily hides dirt, dust, or scratches, so you don't have to worry about being too careful around the outside of the unit.


The housing has a modular design to it which we like, and it has a nice modern industrial look to it. Granted, not everyone will feel the same way about the look, and we would prefer if it were a bit more slender in size, but then it wouldn't be able to house such a powerful fan motor and filters. Overall the unit will fit in nicely in most homes or offices, and the modular design makes filter replacements a breeze.


Evenflow Diffuser

Room air is drawn in through the bottom of the unit, passes through three filters, and the clean air is exhausted back into the room at the top of the unit. The exhaust area is called the Evenflow Diffuser, and it is designed specifically to reduce noise and drafts. It accomplishes this by "evening out" the airflow as it exits the unit. This eliminates any uneven buffeting sounds which are often a problem with lower end air purifiers that exhaust all of the clean air through a single opening. By enlarging the exhaust opening to 320 degrees around (it wraps around nearly all of the unit), the velocity of the air exiting the unit is reduced, which eliminates any air disturbances caused by high velocity airflow. In addition, the diffuser is designed with several horizontal louvres which even out the airflow, eliminating any annoying buffeting noise. The end result is a very smooth, quiet, even white background noise which is barely audible at all on the lowest speed.

With fan noise, it's not just about the decibel level of the sound. There is also a quality of sound to consider, as some fans produce annoying uneven distracting sounds, but this fan noise is a very high quality - even, smooth, unobtrusive, and fades away in the background. Even on the highest fan speed, while the air velocity is very high in order to cover very large spaces, the type of noise it produces sounds much quieter than other air purifiers on the highest fan speed setting.

Carrying Handle and Casters

The HealthPro Plus sports a heavy duty carrying handle right at the top center of the unit, which really helps when you want to move it around. At the bottom of the unit, four solid casters (optional, included) roll around smoothly on any surface - hard floors or carpeting – and the casters also raise the unit up by about 2-1/4 inches which improves the unit’s ability to draw in room air through the bottom arched air inlets.


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