1. Introduction | 2. What’s New in the New Edition? | 3. Inside the Box | 4. Certificate of Performance
5. Ultrafine Particles | 6. How Does it Work? | 7. Key Features | 8. Specifications | 9. Housing Design
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15. Conclusion - Pros and Cons



4. Certificate of Performance

We really appreciate the fact that each IQAir HealthPro Plus is individually tested - by hand - to ensure that it meets its rated performance. To back that up, you get a hand signed Certificate of Performance for your own unit (the serial number is even printed on the Certificate). The airflow and efficiency of the system is tested using a very accurate electronic laser particle counter. This advanced measurement tool verifies that the HyperHEPA filtration inside the HealthPro Plus is actually delivering the advertised results in real life, not just on a spec sheet. The air coming out of the unit itself is tested (Total System Efficiency), as opposed to just testing the filter alone. This takes into account any potential air leakage in and around the filters. The Certificate of Performance details the air delivery rate in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) for each of the six fan speeds. It also tests the number of particles per cubic foot that are coming out of the clean air exhaust from the unit. This extreme attention to detail reassures us that IQAir does not ship a unit from their factory if it does not meet or exceed advertised specifications.



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