Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier Filter

By: Stadler Form

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Manufacturer Part # O-030 Our Item # IA3608

Fits Models
Oskar Humidifiers: O-020 (White), O-021 (Black), O-022 (Green), O-025A, O-026A (BIG)

Oskar requires 2 filters per change, Oskar BIG requires 4 filters per change.

The Genuine Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier Replacement Filter from Swizz Style fits all Oskar Humidifiers. The antibacterial treatment provides the wick filter with anti-microbial properties which protect against the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.

  • Genuine OEM Filter
  • Antibacterial treatment protects against growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi.
  • Replace at least every 2 months, or more often under hard water conditions.

Dimensions per filter: 8.75" W x 7" H x 1.5" D