High Output White Water Pad A10W (10)

By: BestAir

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Manufacturer Part # A10W Our Item # IA3670

White Paper Water Pad A10W for Furnace Humidifier Water Panels features higher absorption and output while using up to 50% less water compared to traditional metal mesh filters. The water panel evaporator pad is the vital component of your furnace humidifier, which supplies clean and moist air promoting both a healthy and comfortable environment to live in. For best performance, change at least twice per season, depending on water conditions and frequency of use.


Equivalent Filters
Aprilaire: 10
Honeywell: HC22A1007
Hamilton: EP-037

Fits Models
Aprilaire Humidifiers: 110, 220, 500, 500A, 550, 550A, 558 (10)
Chippewa Humidifier: 220 (10)
Lasko Humidifiers: 5000L, 5000EC, 6000
Honeywell Humidifiers: HE220, HE220A, HE220A1001, HE220B, HE225, HE225A, HE225A1006, HE225A1014, HE225B (HC22A1007)
Hamilton Humidifier: 12HF (EP037)

Approximate Dimensions: 10" x 9-1/2" x 1-5/8"