Stadler Form Water Cube

By: Stadler Form


Manufacturer Part # A-111 Our Item # IA3614

For use with all ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, and air washers, including Stadler Form humidifier models:

  • Anton (A-001A, A-002A, A-005A, A-006A, A-007A, A-008A)
  • Aquila (EMS-164)
  • Hera (EMS-300, EMS-301)
  • Hydra (EMS-171)
  • Oskar (O-020, O-021, O-022); Oskar BIG (O-025A)
  • Robert (A-200), Tom (T-001)
  • William (BL-006A)

Contains one Water Cube.


  • Keeps the water clean and fresh in your humidifier.
  • Uses activated carbon to ensure optimal humidifier performance.
  • Lasts one year - replace water cube at the beginning of every humidifying season.
  • Model # A-111
Replace once per year