Humidifier Filter H62 for Holmes (HWF-62)

By: BestAir

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Manufacturer Part # H62-C Our Item # IA2637

Fits Models
Holmes Humidifiers: HM-275, HM-1100, HM-1118, HM-1119, HM-1120, HM-1230, HM-1245, HM-1275, HM-1280, HM-1281, HM-1285, HM-1290, HM-1295, HM-1296, HM-1297, HM-1300, HM-1300U, HM-1450, HM-1600, HM-1700, HM-1701, HM-1720, HM-1740, HM-1760, HM-1761, HM-1910, HM-2005, HM-2025, HM-2030, HM-2400, HM-2408, HM-2409, HM-5100-UM. (HWF-62, HWF-62CSC, HWF62PDQ-U, HWF-85, HF-212, HWF62, HF212, HWF62CSC, HWF62PDQU)

Also Fits:
Bionaire Humidifier: BCM-7510-U
Evenflo Humidifiers: 655000, 655001, 755, 755000, 755001, 758100, 759200 (274E)
Halls Humidifier: HLS-1300, HLS-1400
Hamilton Beach Humidifiers: 05518, 05519 (05910)
Hunter Humidifiers: 32200, 38200 (31911)
Sears Kenmore: 3688
Sunbeam Humidifier: SCM-1100, SCM-1701, SCM-1702, SCM-1761, SCM-1762, SCM-2409, SCM-3755C, SCM-4100 (SWF-62, SF-212)
Touch Point: KS-55EE-06B
White Westinghouse Humidifier: WWHM-1230, WWHM-1285, WWHM-1290, WWHM-1600 (WWH-620, WWHM-620)


  • Chlora-Clear® Plus C - The only humidifier filter that removes chlorine from your humidifier water before it is evaporated into the air.
  • Patented Extended Life filter is reinforced with aluminum for longer life and better efficiency.
  • Micro-Free antimicrobial treatment helps protect wick filter from the growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae and bacteria.
  • Perfect Blue™ humidifier filter traps water impurities.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 7" Dia x 4" H
  • Model: H62 (H62-C / HWF62)
Replace every 1-2 months for optimal performance.