100% Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement

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Manufacturer Part # 037880ZT Our Item # IA4478

Sizes and depths not listed above are unavailable for purchase due to supply chain issues. If the particular size and depth box spring encasing you need is unavailable, we recommend purchasing a 100% Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement for use on your box spring.

This top selling box spring cover is lab-tested and certified to completely block bed bugs. Unlike normal bedding, which is easily penetrated, beg bugs are not able to bite through this specially designed waterproof and dust mite proof encasement. The patented Bugstop Seal ensures the encasing has completely sealed the box spring, preventing bed bugs from escaping an already infested box spring or keeping a new one 100% bed bug free.

The Perfect Box Spring Cover:
As you do not sleep directly on the box spring, the comfort level of the material does not matter, so you can save money with this economical 100% bed bug proof encasing. The polypropylene material makes it easier to put on or take off your box spring, and unlike cheaper made vinyl encasings it won't tear or smell like plastic.

Complete Protection:
The zippered box spring encasing is made from a special nonwoven polypropylene fused to a unique high temperature urethane membrane, creating a completely impenetrable barrier to bed bugs (and dust mites, too). This means that you have 100% protection, ensuring absolutely no bed bugs, dust mites, danders, or any other allergens can pass through the encasing. The unique membrane also makes this box spring cover 100% waterproof, so you are completely protected from stains and spills.

Bugstop Seal Zipper Lock System:
The rust-proof zipper features an auto-locking zipper lock which prevents the zipper from accidentally sliding open; once closed, the zipper tab will not backtrack or open on its own - it must be pulled open. For additional protection, the patented Bugstop Seal features a piece of tape sewn to the end of the zipper which seals the encasing and prevents the zipper from accidentally sliding open. This added barrier ensures that bed bugs will not be able to get in or out of the encasing.

Product Specifications:
Material Content: Nonwoven polypropylene laminated with urethane
Pore Size: 0 microns (no pores)
Color: White

    Care Instructions:
    Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.