IQAir Replacement Postfilter sleeves for GC series - 4 PACK

By: IQAir

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Manufacturer Part # 102-50-10-00 Our Item # IA3070


IQAir GC Series Air Purifiers: GC MultiGas, GC Chemisorber, GC VOC, GC AM.

1 complete set of 4 replacement post-filter sleeves. 

Average Filter Life: Lasts approximately 2.5 years (based on average daily usage of 10h on speed 3). Replace set of 4 post-filter sleeves at the same time as you replace set of 4 GC Cartridges.

Genuine OEM IQAir Replacement Filter

We only sell Genuine IQAir Replacement Filters

  • Post-filter sleeves slip over GC cartridges for control of fine and ultra-fine particulate matter. Electrostatically charged fibers capture and trap activated carbon dust particles, preventing them from entering room air.
  • Filter Efficiency: 99% efficient statically charged media.
  • Surface Area: 5.4 sq ft (0.5 m²)
  • Filter #: F3
  • Model #: 102501000
Manufacturer's Literature [PDF]:

IQAir GC Multigas Cartridge and Post-filter Replacement Instructions